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Terry’s Pools is a small company that stresses strong family values.  We love working with our community in helping them secure their dream of owning their own pool.  In our busy life styles, a pool is a place where we can relax with our family and friends.  Parents can be at peace knowing their children are at home.  A pool is good exercise, relaxation, and enjoyment for the whole family.

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At Terry’s Pools we believe that helping our customers take care of their pools is very important.  At our retail shop we offer all of the chemicals and training that you need to keep your pool crystal clear.  We offer free water analysis to customers purchasing chemicals at our store.   When you receive your water analysis everything will be thoroughly explained and you will know what chemicals you need to purchase and the step-by-step instructions to keep your pool clean.  We have used chlorine products for many years and believe that it is the most economical way to keep your water clean and clear.  Also, we recommend salt generator system in order to help keep you water clear with little maintenance.